How does online escrow work?

Online escrow is a five-step process. It protects the Seller by verifying funds, and protects the Buyer by allowing inspection of the merchandise before payment.

How long does the escrow process take?

It depends upon:
1) the inspection period agreed upon by both parties;
2) the Buyer's payment method;
3) delivery time from Seller to Buyer. Generally, most escrow purchases can take from 5 to 20 days.

How does the Dr. Hiltl Rechtsanwalts-GmbH company protect me?

With Notar Beheer, every step in your transaction is verified with proven tracking and verification procedures. Visit our Escrow Payment Service page for additional information and details.

How are Sellers protected?

Notar Beheer supervises and speeds up delivery of the merchandise to the Buyer. The Seller is notified to ship only after Notar Beheer. verifies good funds, protecting them from bad debt or payment fraud.

When should I use Notar Beheer?

The services offered through Dr. Hiltl Rechtsanwalts-GmbH support most online transactions. It's ideal for exchanging higher-end items (above $500 in value) that merits the security and peace of mind that Notar Beheer can provide.

Are international sales or purchases allowed?

Yes. We can offer online escrow services to countries outside the Deutschland. Payment for the transactions is accepted in either US or European currency.

Do the services offered through Dr. Hiltl Rechtsanwalts-GmbH favor either the Buyer or the Seller?

 No. Dr. Hiltl Rechtsanwalts-GmbH is a neutral, third party intermediary that assures a secure and smooth transaction process for both Buyers and Sellers.

Which party selects the escrow company?

The seller or the seller's agent usually states their preference for an escrow company in the purchase agreement when they submit the offer to the buyer or buyer's agent. It is customary for the listing or seller's side of the transaction to have the choice of most services in the transaction including the escrow company. While using our Purchase Payment Service, Notar Beheer will act as the neutral escrow party in your transaction.

Who pays the cost of escrow?

Nearly all closing costs, including the costs of escrow services, are negotiable. In Deutschland the buyer and seller customarily split the cost of escrow services. The buyer or seller can also choose one of them to pay for the entire services of the transaction, including the escrow fees.

What if the buyer doesn't like the item?

The Buyer has the Inspection Period (a length of time agreed to by both parties) to approve the items. If dissatisfied, the Buyer must return the items to the Seller. Once the Seller has received the items and confirmed that they are in satisfactory condition, Dr. Hiltl Rechtsanwalts-GmbH will release the funds back to the Buyer.

In any case, on return, the Seller is responsible for escrow fees, return shipping fees, and original shipping fee. The escrow fee and any original shipping fees will be taken out of the Seller Escrow Insurance account, which acts as an insurance in case of transaction cancellation.

What if there is a disagreement during the transaction?

In case of a dispute that doesn't implicitly cancel the Escrow Transaction, the Buyer and Seller have fourteen calendar days (considered the Negotiation Period) to resolve their dispute. If the Buyer and Seller have not resolved the dispute within the fourteen day Negotiation Period, the Buyer and Seller are provided a second fourteen day period (considered the Arbitration Commencement Period). During the fourteen day Arbitration Commencement Period, the Buyer and Seller are required to start dispute resolution - an arbitration process administered by independent escrow arbitrators.

What if the dispute cannot be resolved?

Since the funds held in the Notar Beheer are still in full property of the Buyer until the merchandise is accepted, the Buyer can cancel the Escrow Transaction at any time. In this case Notar Beheer will automatically close the transaction and refund the Buyer through the same method by which the deposit was made.

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