How much does it cost?

With a personal loan, the cost of Payment Protection Insurance is usually around 10% of your loan repayment. With a credit card, the cover usually costs about 70c per €100 outstanding each month. If you usually pay off all your credit card balance each month and take out PPI, you may be paying for cover that you don't need.

Can your premium increase?

Yes. Write to us with the details of your plan and if you're up for an increase we'll give it to you right away.

Can you cancel a payment protection insurance policy?

You can cancel payment protection insurance at any time. If you pay off your loan or hire-purchase agreement early, cancel your credit card or if you simply decide you no longer need this cover, ask your lender to cancel your direct debit and cancel the policy. If you paid the insurance ‘up front’ you may be entitled to a refund of the remaining term. Ask your lender about this.

How are fees deducted?

If the Buyer has agreed to pay all or some of the escrow fees, the amount is automatically added to the purchase price required for his deposit. If the Seller agreed to pay the escrow fees, the amount is automatically deducted from his payment upon completion of the Escrow Process. Buyers that pay by bank transfer please take note that a bank transfer takes 3 business days to be processed.

Who is supposed to pay the fees, Seller or Buyer?

Nearly all closing costs, including the costs of escrow services, are negotiable. In Southern California the Buyer and Seller customarily split the cost of escrow services. The Buyer or Seller can also choose which one of them pays for the services of the transaction, including the Escrow Service and Escrow Insurance costs (for return shipping costs in case of item rejection).

International Escrow Plans

For international escrows fees are negociated individually. Between the fixed and the percentage value, the highest value will always apply. Other fees may apply depending on the Seller and Buyer location, time available and the nature of the transaction.

Low Escrow Fees and Multi-Currency Options

For international transfers (non-Europe) an additional USD 25 (GBP 15 or EUR 20 depending on transaction currency) will be added to cover any intermediary bank fees. Credit and debit card payments are not available for Vehicle and Service Escrow transactions.    
The cost is a fixed or percentage-based fee, depending on the price of the goods or service. The escrow fee can furthermore be paid by either the Buyer or Seller or split between them. You can choose between multiple payment types and currencies for your transaction.


-Inspect merchandise before payment is released
-Check order status anytime
-Merchandise released for shipment earlier
-Transaction detail maintained for 7 years
-Access to international suppliers and locations
-Customer service available 5 days a week


-Buyer's payment is verified and held before merchandise is shipped
-Check order status anytime
-Reduce bad debt and streamline shipments
-Faster processing of orders
-Transaction detail maintained for 7 years
-Access to new international customers
-Customer service available 5 days a week


This type of fee applies to all national payments and is available in three currencies. The list below show the escrow fee schedules for EUR, USD and GBP transactions. Prices listed apply for transactions within the national territory of the United States and employed between United States or foreign citizens.

EUR - Euros

Merchandise, Domains, Vehicles & Services

Transaction amount Fee

0 - 3 000.00 : 3% - 6% (min 18 EUR)
3 000.01 - 14 999.99 : 90 + 0.5%
15 000.00 : 1.00%

USD - U.S. Dollars

Merchandise, Domains, Vehicles & Services

Transaction amount Fee

0 - 3 000.00 : 3% - 6% (min 18 USD)
3 000.01 - 14 999.99 : 90 + 0.5%
15 000.00 : 1.00%

GBP - British Pounds

Merchandise, Domains, Vehicles & Services

Transaction amount Fee

0 - 3 000.00 : 3% - 6% (min 18 GBP)
3 000.01 - 14 999.99 : 90 + 0.5%
15 000.00 : 1.00%


€75 or 3% of item value

The Luxury Escrow category applies to high-value objects of medium or small size. In case of jewelry or artwork, we have our own expert affiliates to provide neutral advice and expertise where required.

-Electronic components
-Rare or antique artwork
-Unique or otherwise irreplaceable objects


€495 or 1% of vehicle value

The Vehicle Escrow category applies to all motorised land or sea vehicles. For international transactions, our service can greatly increase delivery and transfer of ownership times, as well as help you manage VAT and other taxes.

-2 Door Vehicles, 4 Door Vehicles, Convertibles
-4x4 Vehicles, Limos, Custom Vehicles
-Motorbikes, Motorskies
-Sail Boats, Motor Boats, Yachts

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